Plan G or F?

If you somehow bought a new car, what might be more important to you? The brand or the quality of the car? Suppose you truly respect Lexus as an extravagance brand. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the Toyota? It has similar highlights, quality, security; the main distinction is the brand. What might you do? Which car would you choose?


Presently, I realize that obtaining a car isn’t the same as acquiring a  Cigna Medicare Supplement plan in 2019.


There are 11 Medicare Supplement plans, alongside a high-deductible adaptation of Plan F. In any case, the first Plan F has turned into the official champion of the Medicare Supplement world, leaving every single other plan in the tidy.


Plan F has been showcased as the most elite, the extravagance car of the Medicare Supplement line. Be that as it may, numerous purchasers are never officially acquainted with Plan G. There are a couple of reasons this apparently indistinguishable plan has been kicked to the check amid deals introductions.


  1. It costs less, consequently operators will make a smaller commission significance Plan G isn’t as lucrative as offering the expensive Plan F


  1. Agents market this plan as a “bother” contrasted with Plan F; which means customers are scared into deduction Plan G would require more effort on their part.


We should talk about the principal reason. The normal distinction in cost between Plan F and Plan G is about $20-$30 (not real normal, yet rather my very own appraisal). This comes to generally $300/year in investment funds, or as a specialist would see it, $60 not as much as a Plan F would earn in commissions. This may not sound advantageous to a specialist’s plan, but rather in case you’re offering 100 approaches like clockwork that is about $6,000 down the deplete. Sound advantageous at this point?


It’s hard to way your sentiment on Plan F. A significant number of you feel that Plan F is the main plan worth your cash. The main contrast between Plans F and G is a little, minor thing called the Part B Deductible. This deductible expenses $147/year, and must be spent totally before Medicare or your carrier will cover anything. We should do some more math. Even if switching to a Plan G could spare you $25/month, you would in any case be sparing $153/year even with paying the $147/year Part B Deductible.


It’s a problem, yet a few people forego paying that $147/year out-of-pocket (it’s a deductible, you don’t need to send a bill anyplace) with a specific end goal to spend about $20-$30 progressively a month on the Lexus of Medicare Supplements.


Without a doubt, every one of your companions may have the shiny, new Plan F, however you could get a similar coverage for less and turn into the Medicare Supplement master of the gathering. On the off chance that my leads are agreeable, I endeavour to steer them towards Plan G. I’m not generally successful, but rather I trust Plan G will turn out to be more famous later on.

Retirement and Depression

Retirement is a beginning of a new life, you adopt a whole new lifestyle where you have no idea how to spend your free time. This transition from working life takes time and it can become a cause of depression in many seniors.

Consider the following example: Mr. John wakes up at 7’o clock every day. He is a banker, passionate about his work. He goes off to his office at 9’o clock and has a fixed schedule for his day which he pretty much follows for the rest of the week, month and years. Now think for a moment what will happen if he has to quit working altogether. For some people, it would mean a period of fun and relaxation, a time to shed all your responsibilities, to truly enjoy life but sadly for many, it leads to frustration and anger.

Every person experiences the emotion of sadness every now and then and it is perfectly fine. However, what most people fail to realize is that if these feelings linger on for an extended period of time, it is maybe a sign of depression. Factors of depression at the phase of retirement are numerous. Most people are completely engrossed in their jobs so when these professionals have to settle for a different lifestyle, they experience emptiness and loneliness. This can lead to depression if not handled properly.

The physical symptoms of depression can also not be ignored. Exhaustion, lack of sleep, fatigue and a sudden dramatic change in weight are the alarming symptoms of depression an individual can face after he retires. The question is what you can do to combat depression after retirement? There are plenty of steps you can take to prevent, identify and tackle depression.

Preventing Depression after Retirement:

Many people feel an immediate sense of excitement and euphoria after retiring but usually it is short-lived. Monotonous and dull daily life can take a serious toll on your health. Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track.

  • Plan for tomorrow

It is never too early to start thinking about your needs after retirement, writing them down is even better. Your time belongs to you and you should have a clear idea of what to do with it. Do not wait till retirement, make clear goals and plan ahead on how you will achieve them.

  • Schedule activities


Do not fool yourself by thinking that retirement will mean waking up late and doing whatever you want, your days will quickly turn into an endless chaos of boredom. Instead, plan your activities in a proper manner. Establish a workable routine and make sure you stick to it. Give equal time to physical and mental activities, spend time with others and work on your own happiness.


  • Aim for a balanced lifestyle

Staying in shape is beneficial for both physical and mental health and as you age it becomes more important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is therefore a crucial part of your well-being. Eat a balanced diet, stay active and go for regular health checkups. Also, consider building social connections, attend sport events, travel and join community groups.


It is never too late to think about your future. A good health-care plan will ease your transition to the next phase of your life with less difficulty. The search for the right plan is now easier and well within your reach. Check out Medicare supplement Plans for 2019 and select one according to your needs and requirements.


  • Seek Help

If you feel that you are noticing depression symptoms for quite some time, it is better to seek professional help. There are different treatments, counselling, medications and cognitive behavioral therapy which can help patients. Stay busy and happy and do not ignore any signs of depression to combat it on the earliest stages.

Benefits of Health Insurance After Retirement

One of the biggest expenses after retirement is the healthcare expense. Most people spend a good amount from their retirement fund on buying insurance plans. The question here is that which health insurance plan should be considered for a hassle-free process. There are a huge number of health insurance policies that offer different type of coverage and it is recommend opt for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 as there are various benefits of this plan.

After retirement, the income reduces and on the other hand, the medical expenses begin to increase with age. So just compare the cost of hospitalization due to common sickness for two days on self-finance and on company’s insurance coverage, you will see a big difference which is the major reason why people are moving towards Health insurance policies.

Most of the Health insurance policies cover the annual checkup costs which seem to be unbearable in the escalating healthcare costs nowadays on self-finance. Negligence in the annual checkup will keep you uninformed of the diseases which can be treated now but can be fatal if the diagnosis is prolonged.

Medical emergencies and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. There is a possibility that you are short of funds on that specific time. So medical insurance plans keeps you sufficiently covered to bear the sudden medical expenses. Moreover, one should consider buying family medical insurance as the medical emergency can happen to anyone. One more benefit of family medical insurance plan is that it is relatively inexpensive than individual medical insurance of all family members.

Beside bearing medical costs, some insurance policies take care of the costs of medicine, mobility from home to hospital and vice versa and other miscellaneous healthcare costs. Some Healthcare insurance plans also cover the outpatient care facilities. Bearing the costs each time a doctor visits you can be a burden on your shoulders. In such situations, healthcare insurance policy saves your day.

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When you are paying yourself for the treatment, you generally ignore the need to go for psychological treatments, behavioral health treatments and counselling to reduce stress only because of the costs. Some insurance policies cover the expenses of psychological treatments too so you can visit your psychiatrist for routine counselling sessions.

Many health insurances policies also cover your routine laboratory tests which are necessary for whatever medical treatment you are going to have. Moreover, the expense of the services like eye care and dental care are also covered in some health care plans. Therefore, at the age of retirement, buying a healthcare plan to ensure the hassle-free treatment of your ailments is the best utilization of your retirement funds.