World Games Duisburg 2005
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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Dr. Michael Vesper, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Culture and Sports, supports the World Games 2005.
  Sports in NRW  

Today, physical activity is more important than ever before. Improved health, physical and mental resourcefulness and a positive social integration are its most prominent effects. At the same time workouts or teamsport fulfil our ancient longing for movement and competitive games. Competition can teach social competence if it is based on fixed rules and thus enhances self-reliance and fair-play. In our increasingly technology-dominated and competitive world, these features gain more and more significance.

The conditions a society offers for physical activities define the individual´s flexibility and liberty. This is why sports has been integrated into North-Rhine-Westphalia´s constitution since 1997 and why the availability of training facilities, their quality and integration into educational processes are among our chief concerns.

North-Rhine-Westphalia intends to adapt sports to the changing attitudes of a modern society. We focus on conditions for people of all ages, programs for talented sportsmen, physical education at schools, the emancipation of women and girls as well as the improvement of sports-management and scientific methods. Approximately 5 of 18 million inhabitants of NRW have already joined a club, and many more are active on their own because they want to keep themselves fit and healthy or simply have fun.

NRW offers excellent conditions for a variety of needs. Since 1990, our state has been host to more than 300 major international events - and we are looking forward to another highlight: the 2005 World Games. Furthermore, the application for the 2012 Summer Olympics is more than just a blurred and distant vision, but a realistic goal.

the city of Duisburg

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