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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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UNESCO-Worldheritage Zeche Zollverein

3rd Day of Biodiversity by GEO

Metrorapid NRW
Gliding into the Future
Metrorapid NRW


The Ruhrgebiet is situated half way between Paris and Berlin, and thus almost in the middle of Europe. The area has 5.4 million inhabitants, more than the population of Denmark, Israel or Scotland. Coal and steel once made it the industrial heart of Germany but now the region is a model of economic renewal. Within a few decades it was so transformed by modernisation that, a few years ago, a leading business newspaper awarded it the title of Europe's '"up-and-coming region of the 1990s". Now the region has ambitious plans to become a model area for solving future tasks and projects. In the area of the new economy the Ruhrgebiet is aiming to position itself as a leading player in the global competition between cities and regions. This aim is now within reach thanks to projects like the "Ruhrpilot" - intended to solve motorway traffic jams - and "digital Ruhrgebiet" which aims to bring the administration of the various Ruhrgebiet towns online and make it the number one area in the world for eGovernment.

The profile of the region has been strikingly changed by a new economic emphasis. Hightech firms, shopping malls, universities, multimedia businesses and up-to-date sports centres have been set up on redundant industrial sites. And the places where coal was once mined and steel smelted are now bubbling over with cultural and social activities. To name but one example amongst many: the Zollverein Pit in Essen was once the most modern colliery in Europe. Today it is an industrial monument and houses a Design Centre of international status.

The pioneer spirit which was once responsible for creating the Ruhrgebiet and turning it into a mighty industrial region still exists. Today's pioneers have succeeded in finding new directions to enable this unique urban region in the heart of Europe to achieve new greatness in the years to come. Medical techniques, microsystems, information and communication technology, environmental technology and biotechnology are creating and securing new job opportunities for qualified workers. Furthermore projects like the "Emscher Landscape Park" are improving the quality of life for the area's inhabitants. Green areas and parks have been redeveloped and linked to achieve an enduring environmental transformation for the benefit of the Ruhrgebiet and its people.

The comprehensive process of transformation can be felt everywhere. It is the result of the courage and the spirit of enterprise of the people in the Ruhrgebiet. What once began with a descent underground in a colliery train now glides towards an optimistic future with the unique "Metrorapid NRW" train.

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