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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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With a sharp eye and steady hand

Field archery is often compared to golf, as the athletes walk a designated course through wooded or open terrain and shoot at targets of marked and unmarked distances.

Much like golfers on a golf course, the archers progress in groups of 4 from one target to another. At each of the 24 targets, the archers shoot 3 arrows, aiming for the center of five concentric scoring zones on the circular targets.

Field archery competitions are held in three divisions, each using a different type of bow: the recurve (classic), the compound and the bare bow. Depending on the division, the targets of varying sizes are put up at marked or unmarked distances between 5 to 60 meters.

The targets' sizes and positions have to be recognized by the archer and may require him or her to shoot either uphill or downhill, with allowances to be made for the effects of gravity on an arrow's flight due to the shot's angle and distance.

Field archery featured in every edition of The World Games since 1985.
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