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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Strong women and men

From the writings of Aristotle and Plato, there is today little dispute over the fact that ancient Olympians were fully cognizant about physical training and dietary techniques.  Indeed, Socrates himself coined the phrase 'mens sana in corpore sano' - 'a sound mind in a sound body'.

The great strongman Eugen Sandow is credited with organizing the first 'physique' competition at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, in 1901 - with none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as one of the judges.
Today, the sport is practiced by millions of bodybuilders in 175 countries.

Like in other sports, competition day is but the culmination of many months and years of training. The bodybuilding competition consists of prejudging and finals.

During prejudging, the bodybuilders  are compared for muscularity, definition, proportion and symmetry.

In the finals, the top six athletes perform their individual posing routines to music.

The finalists are drug tested, strictly following the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code.
International Federation of BodyBuilders
Information about the German Body Builduing Federation


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