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Canoe Polo

Standardized rules governing international canoe polo were introduced in 1990. The game is played on an area of 35 by 23 meters, with goals of 1,5 by 1 meters hanging 2 meters above the water. Playing time for a game is two periods of 10 minutes; it can be interrupted by a referee for a 'time out'. The game starts with five players per team at their own goal line and the ball in the center of the field of play. The players of both teams seek to gain possession of the ball, which can be played by hand or by striking it with the paddles.

The opponent is allowed to tackle the player in possession of the ball - including boat. To make the sport interesting and fast, a player is not allowed to keep the ball for more than five seconds, after which he must surrender it to a teammate. During the game, unlimited substitutions of the players on the water and three replacement players per team can be made.

The canoe polo player paddles a specially designed kayak that is up to 3 meters long. His equipment includes a helmet with facemask, body protection and a double-bladed paddle.

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