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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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The most challenging throwing sport in the world

Casting could well be considered the most challenging throwing sport in the world.

Casting is a tournament sport where the athletes compete in two categories: fly-casting and plug-casting.

The sport is made up of both, accuracy and distance disciplines. In all casting events, the athletes use rods similar to those used in traditional angling.

Casting began as sport in its own right in 1860 and has continued to evolve into this modern display of competitive skills.

At The World Games, athletes compete in different disciplines, each with men's and women's divisions. The events are selected for their popularity, pursuant to the aim of showcasing both categories and of promoting the variety within tournament casting sport.

At The World Games 2001 Akita, the events were Fly Accuracy, Plug Accuracy (with revolving spool) and Fly Distance (single handed).
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