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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Once played by the Romans

The game of fistball was first mentioned in 240 A.D. by Gordianus, an emperor of Rome.
In 1786, it was none less than Johann Wolfgang Goethe who mentioned fistball games between 'four noblemen from Verona and four Venetians' in his diary 'An Italian Journey'.

Fistball belongs those games where a ball gets hit across a net from one half of the field of play to the other. Just as in tennis and volleyball, the aim is to place the ball in the opponents' half in such a way as not allowing them to reachit - even after a bounce. The ball is hit with fists or arms. After passing the net, the ball may be made contact with up to three times by the five players on each team - with a bounce being permissible after every contact.

At The World Games, the game is played outdoors, on a field of 20 by 50 meters. The center line divides the field into two halves; 2 meters above the center line a 6 cm wide net or tape is strung across the field. Service lines are marked at three meters from the center line in each of the halves. The ball is made of leather, has a maximum circumference of maximum 68 cm, weighs up to 380 g, and is inflated at 0,75 bar. The matches are played to a system of 'best of three sets' , with a set won by the team accumulating 20 points.

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