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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Flying Disc
The sport with the fast disc

Play with a flying disc covers a full range of athletic activity from pure tests of skill to very specialized games of strategy.

Of all the disc sports, two have risen to the highest level of popularity. 'Disc golf' puts a whole new spin on the traditional ball and stick game. As in conventional golf, to score well, players need to have the skill to throw both long accurate drives and have the ability to approach and putt with great efficiency.

Perhaps the most popular of all disc sports is 'ultimate', a field game combiningsome of the very best elements of soccer, basketball, football and hockey. It is, however, unique in many ways. The flight of the disc adds amazing excitement to play. Accurate passing over long distances makes defense a grueling challenge.
Turnovers are an immediate change of possession - hence the action between goals is heart pumping for players and spectators alike. Goals can only be scored by passing and many of the catches in ultimate are spectacular displays of speed, leaping ability and coordination.
World Flying Disc Federation
On this homepage you will find information about the German Frisbee Federation (DFV).


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