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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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With spirit and power

The literal meaning of the two Japanese characters that make up the word karate is 'empty hands', referring to the fact that karate originated as a method of self-defense which relied on the effective use of the unarmed body, and was made up of elaborate techniques of blocking or thwarting an attack and counter-attacking an opponent by punching, striking or kicking.

As a physical art, karate is almost without equal. Since it is highly dynamic and makes balanced use of a large number of body muscles, it provides excellent all-round exercise and develops coordination and agility.

As a sport, karate has a relatively short history. With elaborate contest rules prohibiting dangerous throws and attacks to the sensitive parts of the athletes' body, it is possible to hold actual matches as in other competitive sports. Because of the speed, the variety of techniques, and the split-second timing it requires, highly athletic-minded people have come to show a particular interest in competitive karate. Besides the sparring in 'kumite', the one-on-one combat between two athletes, there are competitions in which 'katas', Japanese for 'forms', are performed to the highest level of perfection.
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