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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Through forests and fields

Orienteering athletes use a map and a compass to navigate their way through the terrain in order to find the control points which form the pre-set course. The map gives detailed information on the terrain, marking hills, ground surface, obstacles etc. There is no established route - the athletes must choose their own between control points.

In orienteering, the clock is the judge, fastest time wins. Electronic equipment verifies that the athlete has visited all control points in the right order.

Orienteering is highly physical. The athletes run over rough ground, completely unprepared forest terrain or climb rugged hills - cross country in the true sense of the word. Considerable body strength and agility is needed.

Orienteering demands advanced skills in reading a detailed map and choosing the best route over complex terrain, all while moving at high speeds. The courses are designed to test physical strength and navigation skills.

Orienteering is a sport that uses the natural environment is its arena.

The sport is committed to environmental protection. All compettions are conducted in ways which minimize environmental impact.
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