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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Pelota Vasca
A high-speed game

Pelota, Spanish for 'ball', has been played by many different civilizations throughout the ages. The Roman Empire's advances into France spread a game called 'pila', which later evolved into 'jeu de paume', the direct precursor to modern Basque pelota.

The game was, and still is, played against walls anywhere. At an official level, competitions are held on standard courts or 'frontons'.

If anything sums up Basque pelota, it is its variety. Many different versions haveone thing in common: the pelota. And it, too, varies from one version to another.

In its simplest form, hand pelota, the players' own hands hit and propel the ball back towards the wall.

In another version, players use wooden bats or paddles to hit the ball. The size of their 'pala' depends on the court and the type of ball.

'Cesta punta' is the most internationally popular variation on Basque pelota. Players use a 'cesta', Spanish for basket, a long and curved extension to their throwing arm made out of chestnut wood and reeds, to hurl the ball against the court's front wall with speeds of 250 km/h and more.
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