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World Games 2005 in Duisburg
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Pure muscle work

Strength is the primary ingredient of athletic performance and powerlifting's lifts are the definitive measure of strength; this is the ultimate strength competition. The powerlifting athlete competes in three disciplines, each designed to measure different areas of human strength. The sum or total of the best lift in each discipline determines the winner.

In the squat, the lift starts with the lifter standing erect and the bar loaded with weights resting on the lifter's shoulders. The lifter bends the knees and lowers into a squat, on a signal by the referee,before returning to an erect position and placing the bar on the rack again.

In the bench press, the lifter takes the loaded bar at arm's length, lowers the bar to his chest, pauses and pushes the weight up until the arms are straight and the elbows locked.

In the deadlift, the athlete grasps the loaded bar which is resting on the platform floor, raises the weights off the floor and assumes an erect position. The knees must be locked and shoulders back with the weight held in the lifters's grip.

The athletes compete in weight categories and comply with the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code.
International Powerlifting Federation
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