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Tug of War
Strength, power and technique

Tug of war as a competitive match of strength between two teams was practiced as early as 500 B.C. by Greek athletes.

Nowadays, while still being a sport of unequalled simplicity in terms of its object and governing rules, tug of war competitions are staged outdoors and indoors. The 'pulling' in men's and women's divisions is classified based on the total body weight of eight athletes on each of the two opposing teams.

The highlight of outdoor tug of war is the clash of sheer power between the two teams. Athletes seek an optimal foothold in the ground by digging in their heels and, using that as their pivot, pull the rope with all the strength they're capable of mustering.
Indoor matches require more complex techniques and tactics, as the athletes try to steadily move back - step by step - to avoid loss of pulling power.

The key is for the rope to be pulled in a straight line from the lead team member to the anchor. The team pulling the center of the rope four meters from the starting position is declared the winner.

The rope is between 33,5 and 36 m in length, 10 to 12,5 cm in diameter, and made of hemp.
Tug of War International Federation
Information about the German Rasenkraftsport- und Tauzieh Verbandes


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