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The ultimate kick on the water

Traditional or tournament water skiing is made up of slalom, tricks and jumps.

In Slalom, the skier negotiates a zigzag course of six buoys. The boat speed is increased on every run until a maximum for the division is reached. Thereafter the rope is shortened in pre-measured lengths. The winner is the one who rounds the most buoys without a miss or fall.

In Tricks, the skier performs two 20-second routines of tricks that each have an assigned point value. Some of the most difficult tricks include wake flips andmultiple turns performed with the towrope attached to the contestant's foot.

In Jumps, the object is distance. Although there is a maximum and computer-controlled boat speed, the skier can increase his or her speed by cutting diagonally across the wake; jumpers approach the base of the jump ramp at speeds of more than 100 km/h.

The same three disciplines are contested in barefoot water skiing.

Wakeboarding is the recent addition to the sport. Equipment, bindings, moves and scoring systems are quite similar to snowboarding. With marks for expression and intensity,  judges are looking for big air performances in wakeboarding.
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