Exercise for Seniors


You may not be as fast as you once were, or be able to stretch quite as far, but staying even a little active in your advanced years is crucial for your health and happiness. Exercise affects mood, strengthens your immune system to fight off disease, and keeps your heart and brain functioning in top shape. Follow these easy tips to stay active and healthy.


Don’t let the word intimidate you, Yoga can be practiced by those of all ages and skill levels. There are plenty of basic moves and stretches that you can perform that will help strengthen your core and keep you flexible, all while keeping your muscles strong as well.

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Given a regular Yoga routine, you may start to notice you’re not out of breath so easily anymore or are able to bend over to pick something up without being in immense back pain when you stand up. With a breathing and mindfulness aspect to Yoga, you’ll also maintain a clear and calm head, keeping a happy and positive outlook on life.

Personal Trainer

You should always consult a doctor before taking on any exercise routine, but hiring a knowledgeable professional who is licensed to advise you on the perfect exercise routine for your body is the next thing you should do. Check your Medicare supplement plans as some personal trainers may qualify as home care visits.


These professionals spend their days evaluating your health and customizing exercise and nutrition plans specifically for you. Find one who is certified to do the job so you can trust they are knowledgeable and giving you the right advice.

Home Gym

If you don’t want to get caught up in huge, intimidating gyms, it may be a good idea to purchase a few crucial pieces of gym equipment to keep in your home. A Yoga mat the make your stretching more comfortable, some light free weights or resistance bands to add a little resistance to your normal movements, and a large inflatable Bosu ball are great and inexpensive items to keep around.


You could also spring for an all in one home gym that folds up to fit nicely in a spare room, and includes weighted resistance and a bench to allow you to perform a number of exercise moves all with one piece of equipment. These cost a bit more upfront, but chances are you’ll cover a large number of exercises all with the same machine.