How Seniors Can Make the Most of Their Smartphone


Smartphones are getting cheaper every day as society standardizes on the technology, and it’s become normal for more and more people to own one. If you own a smartphone, don’t be intimidated by its vast technological capabilities. You may not need to use all of its functions, but there are plenty of tools that you may want to take advantage of.

Internet access

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One of the biggest advantages of a smartphone is it keeps you connected to the internet right from your pocket. You can use your cell phone’s data to connect to the internet or connect to a Wifi hotspot provided by your home internet connection or at a coffee shop or restaurant that provides one. Most cell phone plans offer unlimited data these days, so if you opt for that kind of plan you can connect to the internet anytime without it costing you any more money like it would if you used up all of your available data each month.


With access to the internet you can stay connected to friends and family through social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, or you can search online for products to buy or research Medicare supplement plans. You can even make video calls to friends and family.

Music and audiobooks

Another great tool that smartphones provide you is apps for music or books. Download your favorite music or listen to radio stations right from your phone. You can also download audiobook versions of your favorite books to have them read to you, or subscribe to podcasts so you can listen to experts discuss your favorite topics.

Take lots of pictures

Most smartphones have pretty high quality cameras and plenty of storage space to keep your pictures with you at all times. Take pictures of your travels and the fun things you see everyday, then take advantage of that internet access to post them to any social media apps you might have. Your friends and family love seeing pictures you post.


You may be retired now, but email never goes away. People want to stay in touch with you, send invitations, and share interest articles. Embrace the email and take advantage of being able to access it right from your pocket. Sending an email today is just as easy as sending a text message, so you can check your email and respond (if you want to) in seconds.