Why Use Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare supplement insurance is best for you to apply to because of many reasons. It provides a lot of benefits and accessibility. Some of the best Medicare supplement plans for 2019 are:

Additional Benefits

If you must know, the original Medicare plans only cover your part A and part B program after you reach the age of 65. Part A includes your hospital insurance while part B covers your medical insurance however within these two, the original Medicare plans doesn’t pay for almost everything. This is where the Medicare supplement comes in, any additional costs that come within the range of part A and B program are covered by supplement insurance policy.

Travel Coverage

Some of the best Medicare supplement plans for 2019 covers your back when you’re travelling abroad or outside or U.S. in other words, if you are travelling and you fall ill or suffer some other emergency then Medicare supplement will provide you with its help. However, keep in mind that the travel policy comes with an additional appeal i.e. make sure you discuss this with your doctors by telling them to enroll you in the type which covers the travel emergency expense.


Once you enroll into the Medicare supplement program, then you are guaranteed to be accepted. Some insurance plans take a lot of time in accepting another member but the best Medicare supplement plans for 2018 covers this option by providing you guaranteed acceptance whenever you apply.

Extra Rates

It is also notable that Medicare supplement doesn’t cost you higher because of your health conditions however this arrangement works when you apply or enroll yourself during the specific period Medicare supplement offers. This enrollment period basically consists of the six months period starting the month you turn 65 and already are enrolled in Medicare part B program.


In Medicare supplement plans, you can visit or get yourself checked by any doctor who participates in Medicare. You can also opt any facility or hospital provided they do participate in Medicare.

Decision Period

With Medicare supplement, you are allowed to think over your option for at least 30 days. During these 30 days, if you wish to discontinue or go through with the plans Medicare supplement offers, then you are allowed to do so. However, after the 30 day trial, you will have to continue no matter what. According to some, you can still ask for a change but through referrals however the authenticity of this is yet to be questioned.